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Outré Proofing

Media to Match Today's Press Sheets 

Paper White Points & OBA's

White Points.png

Papers differ in whiteness. Today's press sheets are typically manufactured with Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs). The OBA level will vary among papers. Higher OBA papers will appear brighter white under lighting where UV is present. 

L*a*b* measurements under M1 will show higher -b* numbers as OBAs increase.

White Point Targets

GRACoL 2006: M0 ~No OBAs or UV ~ L*95, a*0, b*-2

GRACoL 2013: M1~ OBAs with UV ~ L*95, a* 1, b* -4

Bright White Paper: M1 ~ High OBAs with UV ~ b* -8 minimum

GRACoL 2006 Target: L*95, a*0, b*-2
Satin & Gloss - 8mil, 10mil 
No OBAs or UV in lighting
GRACoL 2013 Target: L*95, a*1, b*-4
Satin - 8mil, 10mil, 12mil 
OBAs - lighting includes UV for a whiter sheet than 2006 Target
Bright White Target: minimum of b*-8
Satin & Gloss - 7mil, 8mil, 10mil, 12 mil 
High OBAs - UV in lighting shows a brighter white than 2013 Target
Coated Bonds - Bright White
Matte - 4mil, 5mil, 7mil, 8mil, 9mil
Premium Coated Bonds in a variety of offset weights
Two-Sided Imposition Proof
Coated Bonds for ImpoProof & SpinJet 
Matte Finish - Ideal for folding dummies
Transparent Overlays
Clear Inkjet Films 
Ideal for Registration Checks and Content Proofing
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