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Offset Products

Introducing ECO-PRO DOP
The Best Balanced Develop On Press Plates
Offset Plates - CTP
Develop on Press, Wash Off & Chemical Process Offset Plates
Thermal CTP, CTcP & Conventional
Film & Polyester Plates
Imagesetting, Plotter Rapid Access & Hard Dot - HN/VLD, LED, IR 
Camera Hard Dot
Polyester Plate - HN/VLD
Prepress Chemistry
Chemicals for Film & Plates
Pressroom Chemistry
Fountain Solutions, Plate Cleaners, Alcohol & Alcohol Substitutes
Tower Products Pressroom Chemistry
Offering the broadest range of products including Flexo Chemistry
KMI Americas Offset Ink
Conventional, UV & UV LED, Metallic, Rubber Base, Powder Cut Inks
Sheetfed, Web, UV, Coating & More
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