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Extended Gamut Color

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Extended Gamut Color (EGC) refers to a color model that encompasses a wider range of colors than traditional color spaces, such as SWOP or GRACoL.


It is designed to reproduce a larger portion of the visible spectrum, allowing for more vibrant and saturated colors in both digital imaging and conventional printing.

Extended Gamut Color
greatly increases the percentage of accurate spot color matches

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Most digital imaging is inherently suited for EGC. Digital devices generally contain additional colors including Orange, Green, Violet and in some cases Fluorescent Pink.

Conventional processes have experimented with EGC for decades using 6 color presses (Pantone Hexachrome CMYKOG) or 7 color presses (HiFi Color CMYKRGB) presses. One of the constraints had been a small population of such equipment.

Conventional processes using "CMYK only" can be pushed to a bit more gamut by using slightly higher ink densities and better color separation algorithms.

Idealliance® has two datasets and profile targets for extended gamut CMYK  - GRACoL 2013's CRPC7 and XCMYK.

Idealliance has recently introduced PrintWide™ a new target profile for CMYK + additional colors such as OGV.

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