Proofing Papers

PRoofs to Better Match Your Press Sheets

Common Press Sheets

1. Little or No Brighteners (GRACoL 2006)

2. Moderate Brighteners (GRACoL 2013)

3. Today's Popular High Brightener Sheets

About Press Sheets

While GRACoL 2006 & 2013 proofing stocks are still widely used, our High Brightener Outré PH190S better corresponds to many of today's newer press sheets.

Outré PH190S Targets a White Point of L* 95, a*2, b* -10 and will better match these newer stocks.

Outré PH190S is our best selling proofing paper!

High Brightener Press Sheets Need a High Brightener Proof

Avoid Surprises with PH190S!