Digital Heat Transfer
The Short-Run Alternative to Silk Screen

Oki Textile Transfer Printers

No Weeding or Cutting

Use complex designs and fonts without limitation

Garment & Product Decoration

Transfers to Cotton, Polyester, Blends, Paper, Leather, Card Stock, Boxes

Oki Printer Line-Up

NEW! - 13" x19" ProColor c9541WT - 5 Color CMYK+ White

11"x17" ProColor c8432WT - 4 Color CMY+ swappable K or White 

11"x17" c831ts - 4 Color CMYK

8.5"x14" c711WT - 4 Color CMY+White

FOREVER Transfer Products

FOREVER  Laser Light for light color fabrics

FOREVER  Laser Dark for dark or light color fabrics

FOREVER  Multi-Trans for hard surfaces